Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Favorites! ❤

Hello fellow bloggers and stalkers,

I know it's a bit early for April favorites but I just couldn't resist uploading this post already. I haven't much changed or bought anything new this month although I had been shopping in my makeup collection, etc and rediscovered a few items that I would love to share with you!

Right above is the Boots Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water made for those who have Normal to Oily skin. I know you can purchase Boots products from Target but I'm not sure anywhere else though the product was as well between $8-9 in case any of you want to purchase this yourself. This has become an important product in my skin care routine in which every morning and usually every night I clean my skin. I tend to only use this product when my skin feels oily/greasy it really helps as well as making your skin beautiful :] 
The reason to why I bought this product youtube guru 'nicolegraceeee' : 

Another favorite product of mine has been Benefit bad Gal Lash mascara I was skeptical when i received it as a gift for Christmas because I absolutely hated the bad gal jumbo eye pencil which would smudge, etc. [Though I still have held onto it] Out of the blue one day I decided to give a try since i love trying out new mascaras which is a must in a daily routine for me. In person the brush is the size of your very own eye and me myself have big eyes so I was instantly in love with it, it gives you crazy amount of volume and makes them appear thicker. This product is around $20 and is a bit similar to Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara. 
This is another fave of mine by my favorite makeup brand in the world, this product is based for people who have bad under eye circles. I tend to use this product right after I use the Benefit eye cream which is right after my skin care routine. :] This definitely has improved my dark circles and I have had the mini size right before I purchased the full size. I'm not sure what else to say about this product but I can definitely post some before and after pictures if anyone is interested. Oh and btw the product is about $20 as well. 

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